Beechworth Accommodation 7km from the gold town with SPECTACULAR alpine and valley views

Very comfortable self-contained Eco-Retreat with the "WOW" factor - set in an historic gold rush and gourmet food region

Our rotunda on the upper lawn in Autumn..guest picture!!

At The Vision Splendid Eco-Retreat your hosts sister and brother Jill and Maurice have set out to show how an existing rural homestead can be modified with available environmentally-friendly technologies to achieve a low carbon impact for those who stay at our property.

With its unique setting of truly spectacular views over the farms of the Murmungie Basin(craton?) and Ovens Valley, the forested foothills and the fascinating Folded Hills and the cascading sequence of ranges leading to the high Victorian Alps in the far south our Eco Retreat offers a very special experience in all seasons.(Some of the views including the snow-capped peaks of the Victorian Alps as pictured from our property can be seen in the background to this page)

The property has a vineyard,olive grove,fruit and citrus orchard, lovely gardens, rock walls and lawns in addition to the views

Part of the view Flagstaff range-forested(foreground) Mt Buffalo behind it.

 Our Native BIRDS

As you sit on the veranda looking taking in the views you will hear and see resident and migrant native birds-crimson and eastern rosellas, galahs,King Parrots,New Holland honeyeaters,Wattlebirds,Eastern Spinebill,White-Capped Robin,cuckoos,noisy scrubwren,rufous whistler,thornbills,finches,native thrush,Kookaburras Kurrawongs, Choughs Tawny Frogmouth and Mopoke Owls,Greenbirds/Bower Birds and Magpies to name but a few.

Wedge-tailed eagles and other birds of prey also frequently soar along the escarpment in full view! Trusting fairy wren families often with their scolding mates the scrubwrens will be busy around the verandas lawns and gardens (and at your feet) all day!

Gorgeous grass parrots and red-browed finches feed on lawn grass seeds daily and robins come down from Alpine areas in winter as well!

Blue wren....female............................Red-browed finch-window hit-recovered!!!!!

Wedge tail up close n personal.................................Some recent rock "art" paving!!l 


Upon waking you can listen to kookaburras serenade the dawn as you watch the morning sun illuminate the majestic rocky crags of Mt Buffalo then the Folded Hills and forested foothills around the vast amphitheatre which sprawls in front of you through 180 degrees.

Mists form and evaporate in the valley, clouds envelop the mountains-you just watch the weather unfold and pass by!

See our Photo Galleries in the menu bar above

Sunsets are ever different and memorable and often accompanied by galahs screeching and careering wildly through the sky as if celebrating another day over.  As the sun sets for each unique sunset display listen to the avian cacophany and perhaps try the lovers Sunset Seat in the western garden to watch it.(see some examples in our Sunset folder in photo galleries).Don't forget your camera!

In addition, around the homestead, we have planted  an olive and citrus grove (90 trees) and, a small 500 vine vineyard(planted 2008) of Chardonnay ,Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz grapes which frames the southern views as seen from the homestead through the seasons. 75 vines of Riesling planted facing southwest in 2010.

Corrigeola/Frantoio Olives ready for harvest......................Vineyard with a view

We also have a small fruit orchard (irrigated from washing machine waste water) and  specialty French cider apples  (Dabinett and Frequin Tardive de Sartre ) 

Guests are free to harvest a sample of our fruits for personal use in season.Small amounts of our organic extra virgin cold pressed premium olive oil are in the pantry for light use-drizzles etc(not deep frying)

Wander through our woodlot (enchanted forest!) as well-the 2000 trees are about 25 years old and now provide a renewable source of wood as well as  carbon offsets for energy used in excess of that generated on the property.

Guests are free to explore the property and inspect all of our systems and features- taking due care and supervising children at all times!.

Adjoining us there are charming rural lanes which are suitable for biking(connecting to the Rail Trail) jogging or just strolling.

There are excellent mountain bike type trails in the nearby forest reserve opposite the turnoff into Fighting Gully road and along the Flagstaff range fire tracks or through to Stanley and back.(with a cold refreshing beer at the pub after!)

Recommended Half-Day Drive!!

Longer walks,drives or bike trips could investigate (for example)the Lady Newton Drive -its views, gold mine, wildlife and native flora in the Forest Park opposite Fighting Gully Road at the turn off to The Vision Splendid.

Then you can then drive through the forest to the delightful hamlet of Stanley for a cool beer, fine wine or lunch at the Stanley Pub.(check opening times below)

You could also buy local olive oil,nuts,apples,berries and juices and other local produce in Stanley town or at Snowline Apples on the Stanley to Myrtleford road-a beautiful drive,especially in autumn!(see our Autumn pictures in Photo Gallery above.

Then return from Myrtleford via the  Buckland Gap road to The Vision Splendid. Try stopping off getting some real butter at the Myrtleford Butter factory Then have a poke around the wonderful Red Ramia Moroccan and Oriental trading house in Myrtleford. Perhaps taste some exotic delicacies in the Moroccan and Middle Eastern cafe there.Then drop off at Gapstead Winery for a tipple before turning off the Great Alpine road back to Beechworth and The Vision Splendid  at the Buckland Gap

There's SO MUCH you can do!!!

Ask us for other ideas for trips!!! e.g The Milawa area is also so close.

There is a great round trip through the Woolshed Valley with its  bushranger history and goldrush artifacts down to El Dorado and back calling in at Tinkers Hill winery and Sugarloaf Olive Grove then seeing The Big Gold Dredge before returning via the main road and Indigo winery, Davidsons olives and olive products and the Amulet Winery opposite for a local cider.

Another lovely tour takes in rural landscapes from historic Yackandandah to Allens Flat and and Osbournes Flat.

Also try the fascinating Mt Pilot Park for some light bushwalking and aboriginal rock art sites.Head off towards Wodonga and turn off a couple of km out of town to the Chiltern road-its about 10 km further on.You could continue on to the lovely historic town of Chiltern and then Rutherglen another 20km, then return.

Rutherglen and Bright beckon too-both within 35 minutes drive!

 Beechworth town and the surrounding region

Our property is just a 5 minute drive from historic Beechworth Gold Town (streets almost paved with gold during the 1850s gold rush)-its historical precinct of over 30 National Trust-listed buildings with its associations with the iconic Ned Kelly his family(brothers,mother,cousins) and notorious gang and other bushrangers. Even take a ghostly tour of the Mayday Hills Asylum which was the biggest building in the colony in 1860. To service your tastes there is a range of hotels and restaurants, classy boutiques, regional gourmet foods (including the famous Beechworth Bakery)and wines,honey -even a micro brewery.Then there are bike trails, historic botanic garden and other parks,town lake (excellent fishing, canoeing,swimming),guided history tours of the town, the Woolshed Falls, The Gorge Scenic drive and the Rail Trail bike path( part of the huge Murray to Mountains Trail)  and much more.!

The surrounding district offers wineries, orchards(fruits, berries and nuts-often with "honesty"roadside stalls, vineyards with cellar door sales and tasting,lovely historic towns and superb autumn scenery in April/May, lots of gold and bushranger history as well as scenic drives and access to and through the magnificent Victorian high country to the east and south.

Historic towns of the immediate area (20 minutes drive) include Yackandandah(try the underground gold mine tour),Stanley hamlet for fruits and nuts and forest drives Chiltern(including Ultima Thule the restored historic homestead and childhood home of author Henry Handel Richardson) All offer their own character,goldfield and subsequent history and individual bucolic charm with lovely drives through rural landscapes connecting them.Within 1 hour there is the Rutherglen area and Murray river towns e.g lovely Corowa, Bright/Wandiligong and the other Ovens valley towns, Falls Creek alpine area and more.

 Beechworth signpost -nearby towns.................................Ned Kelly's last stand


Snowfields in winter-we are within 2 hours of the highest winter snowfields and alpine villages in Victoria (e.g Mt Hotham,Dinner Plain and Falls Creek) via The Great Alpine Road which connects with Mt Hotham,Mt Feathertop and Dinner Plain as well as the much closer Mt Buffalo. Weather permitting, it is easy to drive from Bright through to Harrietville then across the Alps at Mt Hotham to Omeo then to the Victorian coastline at Bairnsdale as well. A great trip across the roof of Victoria! 


Autumn is a special time in the district with many orchards, roadside plantings and properties with European trees in spectacular colour. We can advise you on the best drives to see these unforgettable displays.



Pin oak in our parking area............................Claret ash(town)

Top 10 Autumn Trees found in the district-

Japanese maple (Acer palmatum)

Japanese maples are very fashionable in Australian gardens. They grow well from Sydney to Perth and areas south, in the mountain zones and Tasmania. There are hundreds of cultivars available, and there is a huge range of leaf shapes and colours, and varying growth forms.

Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba)

The ginkgo is a large, slow-growing tree to about 30m (100') tall. It has 2-lobed leaves resembling the maidenhair fern, which turn a beautiful buttercup yellow before they fall. Ginkgos grow best in Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, the mountains and cool elevated sites in Perth and Sydney.There is a magnificent example in Rose Cottage in town.

Liquidambar (Liquidambar styraciflua)

These large, fast growing deciduous trees can reach 30 metres (100') high. The autumn foliage is spectacular, with colours ranging from yellow, orange and scarlet to purple. There are new varieties available, including 'Gumball', 'Gold Dust', 'Parasol' and 'Rotundiloba'. Liquidambars do well from Sydney to Perth and areas south.

Tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica)

Tupelos grow to around 10 metres tall (30'). They look wonderful in autumn because the tracery of dark stems and branches contrasts beautifully with the yellow, orange, red and crimson foliage. They grow best in Melbourne, Hobart, the mountains, and cool, elevated sites in Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.

Chinese pistachio (Pistacia chinensis)

This beautiful tree has brilliant yellow, orange and scarlet foliage in autumn. Pistachios only grow to about 8m (25’) tall, and so they make excellent garden or street trees.

Chinese tallow tree (Sapium sebiferum)

This is one of the best trees for autumn colour in warmer areas. It grows about 8-10m (25-30') tall, and has crimson autumn foliage with some yellow, orange and ruby-red leaves. (Note: Chinese tallow tree can be weedy in some areas.)

Claret ash (Fraxinus 'Raywood')

The claret ash grows to about 20 metres (60'). It has glossy green foliage, which turns claret to deep purple in autumn. Claret ashes do well from Sydney to Perth and areas south, in the mountain zones, and Tasmania.Lovely examples at our property

Golden ash (Fraxinus excelsior 'Aurea')

The foliage of the golden ash turns a clear yellow in autumn. The tree grows to around the 15 metre (45') mark, and has yellow branchlets with conspicuous black buds. The golden ash grows best in Melbourne, Hobart and the mountains, as well as cool, elevated sites in Adelaide, Sydney and Perth.Lovely examples at our property

Flowering cherry (Prunus serrulata)

These trees are mostly planted for their breathtaking spring blossom display, but in cool to cold climates their foliage turns vivid yellow, orange and scarlet in autumn. There are many beautiful cultivars of Prunus serrulata including weeping or pendulous forms, which are usually grafted onto tall stems.

Scarlet oak (Quercus coccinea)

A fine autumn colouring tree for the cooler zones of Australia. The scarlet oak grows to around 24m (70’) tall. It has bright green, bristle-tipped leaves, which turn brilliant scarlet in autumn.

(Summary courtesy of Burkes Backyard).

Top Deciduous Shade Trees found in the area-courtesy Flemings Nursery

Click to enlarge Acer (Maple) Acer rubrum 'PNI 0268' October Glory® The most outstanding Autumn colour tree in the world! Enough said!
Click to enlarge Acer (Maple) Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred' Autumn Blaze® Wonderful heat tolerant maple that has beautiful autumn colour as well. Forms great avenues.
Click to enlarge Aesculus Aesculus hippocastanum The horse chestnut is a magnificent large shade tree. It produces masses of large flowers in spring and has unique foliage. Used extensively through out Europe. Relatively slow growing.
Click to enlarge Fagus Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea Elegant, stunning, tough. The purple beech is royality of the tree family. Dark purple foliage that is admired throughout the world. Very versatile, can also be hedged or pleached.
Click to enlarge Fraxinus (Ash) Fraxinus pennsylvanica 'Cimmzam' Cimmaron™ Similar to Fraxinus 'Urbanite', drought and heat tolerant, more upright growing and very uniform, forms a beautiful, majestic tree.
Click to enlarge Fraxinus (Ash) Fraxinus pennsylvanica 'Urbdell'- Urbanite™ An outstanding new Ash cultivar. One of the BEST foliage trees I have come across in the world. Deep dark glossy green foliage with a silvery underside that shimmers in the breeze. Extremely drought and heat tolerant. Autumn colour is yellows and purples. An outstanding tree.
Click to enlarge Nyssa Nyssa sylvatica Unusual horizontal branching habit makes this tree a wonderful addition to any space. Soft light green foliage that has a gloss finish. Autumn colour is a feature. A tree worthy of greater planting.
Click to enlarge Tilia Tilia cordata 'PNI 6025' - Greenspire™ Tilias are under planted trees in Australia. They have beautiful shape and structure, small mid green foliage, yellow autumn tones. Spring foliage is quite a highlight. Great option in heavy soils.
Click to enlarge Ulmus (Elm) Ulmus parvifolia 'Todd'PBR symbol A new selection of the Chinese elm, with a more upright structure than the species. Small dark green foliage that can be semi evergreen in the right environment. Chinese elms are great trees that handle all sorts of climatic conditions. Tough and reliable.
Click to enlarge Zelkova Zelkova serrata 'Green Vase' The 'upside down tree. Lovely wine glass shape, planted along driveways will form a natural archway with no formal pruning. Good autumn tones and handles medium level drought conditions.


See Autumn Folder in our Photo Galleries in the menu bar above

Festivals.The town of Beechworth and also surrounding towns hold many festivals and events over the course of the year .The Harvest Festival(May), Celtic Festival(November) and Opera in the Alps(January) ,Easter Parade and Golden Horseshoe Festival(Easter), Drive Back in Time vintage cars(May) and Oktoberfest(October) and Ned Kelly Weekend(August) are held in Beechworth while the Wandiligong Nut Festival(part of Bright Autumn Festival) Wangaratta Jazz festival, Bright Autumn festival(late April-early May) and Tastes of Rutherglen (March) and the Wine Walkabout (June long weekend) are unforgettable trips from Beechworth within the surrounding area.The gourmet centre of Milawa with its Cheese Factory and Brown Brothers wine centre is also close by (en route if coming from Melbourne-turn off the Hume Freeway at the Snow Road before Wangaratta instead of at The Great Alpine Road-after Wangaratta).

Beechworth hosts an abundance of quality eateries.


 Provenance 03 5728 1786 Located at 86 Ford Street.Provenance restaurant is located in the old Bank of Australasia, built in 1856 at the height of the gold rush. The dining rooms still display the grandness of that era with 6m ceilings, ornate rosettes and original arched windows. The vault, built with thick granite blocks, now houses the wine cellar.Dine in the grand old rooms of the bank, or in the warmer months enjoy al fresco dining in the courtyard under the apple tree-named 'Best New Country Restaurant' by The Age Good Food Guide 2010.

Wardens Food and Wine 03-57281377  32 Ford Street Located in the old Wardens Hotel. Focus on modern Italian styles sourced from the finest local and imported ingredients.Great wine list of local regional national and imported wines. Features regularly in The Age Good Food Guide.Finest city dining in the countryside.

The Ox and Hound 52 Ford Street Ph:03 57282123
Traditional & Modern Australian Bistro. Open: Thursday – Sunday 9:30am – 9:00pm Monday 5:00pm –

 Closed Tuesday – Wednesday.

Chinese Village Restaurant 11-15 Camp Street Ph:03 5728 1717
Closed Mondays (except public holidays). Tuesday - Sunday Lunch 12:00noon – 2:00pm. Dinner Tuesday –
Thursday 5:00pm – 9:00pm, Friday – Sunday 5:00pm – 10:00pm. Take-away available.


Green Shed Bistro37 Camp Street(03) 5728 2360. Pairing the quaint, rustic beauty of its 1891 surrounds with the contemporary design of its modern fusion menu, the Green Shed has created a lovely setting with a harmonious balance of old and new.
Executive chefs and owners Nathan Ackland and Megan Chalmers have more than 20 years of experience between them, and it shows through the maturity and depth witnessed on the menu. Rather than pander to fad trends in food, Ackland and Chalmers have elected to showcase a menu of simple flavours that highlight the quality of the produce, epitomising the notion of letting the food speak for itself.

Bouchen Botanicals 38 Ford Street.03) 5728 2455 Bouchon at Botanicals is a charming and fully licensed French style cafe. Located in the main street of  Beechworth but hidden away well off the road in a beautiful nursery of very rare plants, Bouchon at Botanicals is sure to enchant you with its delightful ambience.
Enjoy delicious brunches, lunches or morning or afternoon teas in this most appealing cafe with its stylish but rustic atmosphere. Alternatively, eat in the beautiful garden/nursery.
For the discerning plant lover, there are 60 types of Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) and some wonderful specimens of other lovely trees, including a weeping purple birch (Fagus), a contorted hazel - crazy filbert (Corylus avellana 'Contorta'), a Korean fir (Abies koreana) and a weeping larch (Larix kaempferi). Some of the plants are over 30 years old. French style.

Open Mon,Thu-Sat 9:30am-4pm; Sun 10:30am-4pm.

Gigi's of Beechworth 69 Ford Street 03) 5728 2575.Gigi's of Beechworth has been a Beechworth culinary landmark since 1995. Chef and Owner Allan Parker whose background includes such well regarded restaurants as Ricky Ricardo's and Saltwater in Noosa, purchased Gigi's from the restaurants founder, Luigi (Gigi) Cipolato in 2007 and has re-established Gigi's as one of Beechworth's finest dining experiences. Gigi's of Beechworth boasts an extensive regional and international wine list including the highly awarded Giaconda label(see Beechworth wineries above).Also features prominently in The Age Good Food Guide

Open from 9 am till late on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and from 9 am till 3 pm on Sunday

Bridge Road Brewers Old Coach House Brewers Lane,Ford Street Beechworth, 03 5728 2703.

Bridge Road Brewers has countless awards and a beer list to quench even the most avid beer hunter's thirst.

Experience unique hand crafted beers whilst they are being brewed. The brewery, the bar and its pizza kitchen are all located in a 150 year old Coach House and stables. The Coach House is located behind Tanswells Commercial Hotel, in the heart of town. The laneway entrance next to Tanswells leads into the brewery's large beer garden and children's play area. The beer garden also doubles as Beechworth's outdoor cinema in the warmer months of the year.

The brewery offers at least 8 different ales for tasting, and each of those has at least one international beer award to its name. There's even a great list of local wine!

Pizza is an option to go with a decent beer, and the brewery kitchen has some of the best pizza around. The kitchen with an Austrian twist-it specializes in Austrian and Italian influenced food to complement the quality ales brewed on site. The famous giant Austrian pretzels are baked on site There's a great selection of pizzas, toasted foccacias, gourmet salads, and more (pies, pasta, snacks, nachos, and a Milawa tasting plate). Outdoor eating and wood fire available  in season.

Hotels with meals

Tanswells Commercial Hotel 30 Ford St (03) 5728 1480. Historic,traditional homely appeal. Bar and Bistro.Tanswell’s Hotel is Beechworth’s oldest surviving hotel, dating back to 1852, originally built after gold was discovered.Thomas Tanswell was a native of Loughborough, Leicestershire emigrating to New South Wales with his wife Ann, his mother and other family members. In 1873 he bought Tanswell's and added a second level to the hotel and dubbed it “Tanswells Commercial Hotel”. Tanswell’s hotel is now what it was then, a Beechworth landmark that sits proudly in the centre of town midway along Ford street.

The menu offers quality traditional pub meals alongside a list of alternative gastronomic choices,

Swing by and check out Chef, Jackie Mahood’s, ‘something else’ menu, and don’t forget to book to avoid disappointment.

The  Nicholas Hotel 1A Camp St 3 5728 1051

Built in 1857 during Victoria’s fascinating gold-rush era and nearly 150 years old, the Hotel Nicholas is one of Beechworth’s first hotels.

"The Nick" is a major landmark in the heart of town, situated in Camp Street and adjacent to Beechworth’s historic precinct.   In recent years, tasteful renovations and a major refurbishment has breathed life back into this historic old pub. 

Enjoy the great food, extensive local wine list, warm hospitality and excellent indoor and outdoor facilities.

Historic.Bar and Bisto.The Balcony now features authentic Thai food in the  Art Deco Parlour and is open for Dinner Friday and Saturday or by appointment.Breakfast, Friday,Saturday and Sunday and busy periods.

Magnificent collection of hundreds of historic photographs of the town is WELL WORTH A LOOK!! Nice courtyard too!(with wood fired oven)

The Empire  Hotel.10 Camp Street (03) 5728 1030 Historic.With old wooden floor boards, classic country hospitality, and a huge open log fire you can come here to warm up in the winter months. Recently revamped traditional style Bar and Bistro Try the red wine beef stew in winter. Balcony dining may be back-its great to have cold beer and meal in the shade watching the goings on below-check!!

The Hibernian Hotel 40 Camp St (03) 5728 1070 cnr Camp and Loch Streets.

The hotel was established in 1868 at the height of the gold rush in this region. Recent renovations have doubled the size of the dining room, added al fresco (outdoor)dining, new toilet amenities, wheelchair friendly access and baby-change facilities.  Bar and Bistro.Can cater for large groups.Impressive food quality.

Stanley Hotel 1 Wallace Street, Stanley 03 5728 6502.In the lovely hamlet of Stanley surrounded by historic apple, chestnut and berry farm’s, The Stanley Pub is just 10km up the hill from Beechworth heading east.

Behind the wisteria frontage lays a unique establishment that oozes French savoire-faire("knowing how to do it") while honouring the attributes of the local region. offers a relaxed classic bistro style restaurant drawing strongly on quality local produce. The restaurant is open for dinner Wednesday to Saturday from 6.00pm and lunch Thursday to Sunday from 12.00pm. Along with the traditional spirits and beers it offers a range of premium quality aperitifs and digestives together with local handcrafted beers on tap and an exceptional wine list offering local and international wines.

The Stanley also acts as a ‘cellar door’ for organic saffron growers Michael & Annette Nuck with this precious spice making a strong statement on the menu.  

The Stanley offers cosy open fires in winter and tranquil shade in the leafy garden in warmer months(al fresco). The bar is open Monday & Wednesday from 4.00pm and Thursday to Sunday from 11.00am, closed Tuesdays.

Age Good Food Guide.Lovely atmosphere and setting. Try the S.A Smokey Bay oysters with Crispy Pork Belly!

Milk Bars/ Snack Bar/ Take Away
Beechworth Fish & Chips 68 Ford Street Ph:03 5728 2411
Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10.00am – 7:00pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm.
Closed Wednesday
Beechworth Ice-creamery 3 Camp Street Ph:03 5728 1330
Open: week-days from 10:30am, week-ends from 10:00am. Take-away food available.
Beechworth Milk Bar 72 Ford Street Ph:03 5728 3382
Open: six days a week 8:00am – 6:00pm. Closed on Sunday.Take-away available.
Beechworth Pizza 31 Ford Street Ph:03 5728 1062
Open: Tuesday - Thursday 5:00pm – 10:30pm, Friday and Saturday 5:00pm – 11:30pm,
Sunday 5:00pm – 10:30pm. Home delivery Thursday - Sunday from 6:30pm. Indoor dining. Catering for up to
Bec’s Takeaway 6B Camp Ph:03 5728 2160
Fish & Chip etc Take Away. Open: 10:00am – 8:00pm Sun –Thursday 10:00am – 9:00pm Fri-Saturday
Stanley Store Stanley Ph: (03) 57286530
Pies, Sandwiches, Milkshakes, Lollies etc.


Mt Buffalo National Park is within 60 minutes drive-and truly a magical place in all seasons with spectacular views from lookouts on the granite ramparts towering over the Ovens Valley(including hang gliding viewing platform)

Available activities include great bush walking,rock climbing and abseiling and hang gliding.Wildflowers ( spectacular in warmer months),wildlife,(lyrebirds can often be heard and seen),lovely waterfalls,picnic areas, fern valley walks, spectacular rock formations especially the unique granite monoliths (like Torpedo Rock and the 3 legendary giants Og Gog and Magog).

In winter when snow blankets the mountain it becomes a winter wonderland.The park offers safe and accessible cross-country skiing, tobogganing and snow play areas set amidst the spectacular granite landscape. A designated toboggan run operates over winter at either Dingo Dell or Cresta Valley depending on the altitude of snowfalls.

There are 11 km of cross-country skiing terrain offering a network of groomed and marked trails catering for skiers of all ages and abilities.Cross-country skiing lessons are available.  There are three main groomed trails around Cresta Valley, the 1km, 4km and Horn Rd. The 6km loop is also a popular ungroomed trail.  There is a further 20 km of remote, unmarked trails, and almost unlimited off-track backcountry ski touring. 

There is a beautiful historic chalet on the mountain -check if has re-opened.The Dingo Dell Cafe has now definitely reopened after fires destroyed it-hours are 9.30 am til 4.00 p.m.  There are numerous lovely picnic spots-such as "The Oval" and Lake Catani which are readily accessible from vehicles traveling the sealed roads atop the plateau.

There is a good sealed (winding) bitumen road from the turn-off on The Great Alpine Road near Porepunkah before Bright-make sure you dont head up the Buckland valey road like i do every second time!!.

Note that snow chains need to be carried in winter. Snow chains and ski equipment can be hired from Myrtleford and other places en route to Mt.Buffalo during the snow season.

The resort entry fee was dropped in 2011.Lets hope it stays that way to reconnect people with their parks!!

Granite tors.....e.g.Torpedo rock.....                             The Hump

The Horn-magnificent views across the southern Victorian Alps

Members Area